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Metro Consulting offers leadership support to Montessori schools, school boards, teacher training centers and other institutions in the greater Montessori community. As nationally recognized Montessori leaders, administrators, educators and advocates, we have a deep and direct understanding that Montessori leadership must reflect and uphold Montessori principles and values at every level.

We believe deeply that children learn best when they are able to see themselves in the adults that teach, guide, protect and love them. Metro Consulting is committed to increasing equity and diversity in Montessori leadership. We pledge to listen, observe, learn and work in partnership with individuals and organizations in the Montessori community who are striving to ensure that Montessori education serves ALL children and families equally.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Lisa and Metro Consulting. She has been an invaluable resource for our small Montessori school on a range of issues, from governance and salary advice, to helping us to successfully find and secure an amazing new Head of School. On a personal level, she is easy to speak with and very generous with her time and expertise, and for our school community, she was a calming influence who helped us to navigate uncertain times. I cannot recommend Lisa enough!

Erin Freas-Smith, Board President  
Arlington Montessori House, 2018-2020

Sharon and Metro Consulting brought in excellent candidates for our new Executive Director. As a member of the search committee, she facilitated the interview process seamlessly, and provided detailed and relevant information of each candidate. We are thankful to Sharon and her team for securing an excellent leader for our school!

Liz, Search Committee
Twin Parks Montessori Schools

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