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Montessori Leadership Services

Who We Are

We are Montessori educators, administrators, and advocates. Our Montessori Leadership Services arose directly from the work we do daily at our own Montessori schools, and in our own Montessori communities. We understand first-hand the challenges Montessori leaders face, and we bring that understanding to our leadership and consulting work.

Our perspective as Montessori leaders has been enhanced by our prior professional experiences: we are lawyers, strategic consultants, financial analysts, business owners, and professors.  We apply a pragmatic, business-savvy lens to our work, but always with an authentic Montessori filter.

If you are:


  • Looking for your next school leader

  • Starting a school, early childhood education center, or teacher training program

  • Seeking help with parent engagement, team-building or crisis management

  • Considering accreditation

  • Navigating government policy, licensing, or approval issues

Contact us today to learn how we can help!

Our Mission


Metro Consulting is dedicated to making quality Montessori education accessible to more children around the world, through supporting beautiful schools, developing Montessori teachers and leaders, advocating for policies that support Montessori education, and advising others who share our goals. 


We believe deeply that children learn best when they are able to see themselves in the adults that teach, guide, protect and love them. Metro Consulting is committed to increasing equity and diversity in Montessori leadership. We pledge to listen, observe, learn and work in partnership with individuals and organizations in the Montessori community who are striving to ensure that Montessori education serves ALL children and families equally.

As a part of our mission, Metro Consulting recognizes and values the need for diversity and inclusion in leadership within the Montessori community. Our goal is to promote and increase diverse representation in leadership positions.

The Team

At Metro Consulting Services, we have an exceptional team of experienced Montessorians. Our consultants are current and former Board Members of AMS, current and founding Board Members of the Montessori Public Policy Initiative, former members of the AMS School Accreditation Commission, and founding Board Members of Montessori Schools of Maryland and DC Montessori Coalition. We have been Heads of School, Montessori teachers, Montessori trainers and Montessori parents. We also have significant business, financial, operational and legal expertise.  

Senior Consultant



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